About Us

Who are we?

For more than four years, MiiDevelopment has been at work in the field of property management, constructing a framework with which we oversee property projects; we do this using our experience, foundation, resources, and your vision. Our extraordinary outlook and methodology within the realm of real estates is simply unparalleled. MiiDevelopment is here to ensure that the most accurate, quality product is born out of your very dreams. With an emphasis on risk management and optimized results, MiiDevelopment is the only sensible option for your dream home.

One Team, One Vision

Teamwork is everything for us: MiiDevelopment is your development, too. With your ideas in mind, we will walk with you every step of the way to affirm that your dream is being built your way. Whether it be extravagance, comfort, or purity through simplicity, MiiDevelopment is here to listen and assure you that your home will be nothing short of what you want out of it.

Our Services

MiiDevelopment is proud to host a staff that can provide for each specific need throughout the construction of your property. With our team of architects, engineers, artisans, electricians, and plumbers focused on varying levels of the same goal, you can be sure that your vision has total supervision. The fully in-house nature of our team allow MiiDevelopment to work with your property all the way from the first brick to the doorbell at a speed unmatched by other contractors. Once we accept your project, our team becomes your team; we will extensively collaborate from the designing phase to the final inspection of the property, so you can observe your creation every step of the way. MiiDevelopment sincerely believes there is no other way to properly conduct the home-building business. When our name goes on a real estate sign, it means something. It’s a promise of integrity, professionalism, innovation and the highest standard of work. Our ever-expanding network, which encompasses myriad types of experience and knowledge, is simply waiting for you to reach out and take our hand.

When is good for you?

Got some real estate questions? Want to share some ideas? Or simply want to know what your place is worth? Call or text Eddie Malhotra today on (917) 664-0300