Why should I invest in MiiDevelopment?

There is only one estate in the world that is REAL, and that is Real Estate! Which is why Investing with MiiDevelopment is the true definition of investing smart, where you and your partner knows what they are both doing.

It’s all started when Eddie Malhotra sold its business back in the year 2014 to Game Stop and then started managing his money. Eddie got inspired by the famous show Billions and incorporated his Malhotra Capital, which later begins to invest in all the local builders, after doing that for few years, CEO Malhotra then launched his dream company with his wife.

So, why not tell us your investment goals today and let’s help you with building a real estate investment plan that will get you to your imagination. Whenever you’re ready to invest with us, we have experts at disposal, and they are always ready on demand to take care of the entire acquisition process as well as the ongoing management of the property. We also provide you with accurate market intelligence for buying, holding or selling decisions. We are focused on maximizing your returns, protecting your assets and providing you with 100% transparency through the entire process. As a reputable end-to-end real estate investment company, we can help you find, fund, acquire, rehab and manage your properties. The best part is that it can be a total hands-free process, which gives you the option of investing in real estate anywhere in the U.S., even if you’re not located in that location. Wondering how this is possible? MiiDevelopment makes use of powerful analytics to source properties that generates highest ROI, and it doesn’t matter what your budget is nor your experience.

Our top most priority is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across cycles and over a long period. MiiDevelopment only seeks to acquire high-quality investments at discounts to replacement cost, and then improve the properties through hands-on management and targeted value-added initiatives.

So why not invest in MiiDevelopment today and enjoy the honest service of a real estate company that treats its partner’s money like its own!

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